Ever heard of cruelty-free makeup products? It refers to products that aren’t clinically tested on animals. If you’re a lover of both animals and beauty products, worry not, as there’s a rising number of beauty brands in the market opting to go cruelty-free in their research.

But why switch to cruelty-free products?

  1. The most obvious reason is that testing on our furry friends is inhumane, nor do these tests even provide 100 per cent accurate information or indicators that products/ingredients won’t cause a reaction in humans. Read here to find out more about alternative testing methods that offer more accurate and faster results than animal testing.
  2. They work better on the complexion, especially if you happen to have sensitive skin. More often than not, harsher ingredients (like Benzophenone) are left out of products that aren’t animal-tested, which can irritate the skin.
  3. Do good, feel good. By going against animal testing, you’re inadvertently saving the lives of thousands of vulnerable animals from being tested on. That’s some good karma points right there!

If you decide to switch to cruelty-free products, remember to look out for the little bunny logo on the packaging as these are what will let you know when a product you’re about to purchase is cruelty-free.

Don’t forget, just because a product isn’t tested on animals, doesn’t mean that it’s sub-par. You can still have lots of fun with makeup and find great animal-friendly skincare.

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