To answer every skincare newbie out there; no, they won’t break you out. Instead, facial oils work with your skin. Not against it. The outermost layers of your skin are oil-based that are primarily composed of fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides, which makes the facial oil the perfect treatment to solve your skin problems.

Even the ancient Egyptians used Moringa oil to keep their skin flawless and vibrant and they are known for being the first civilization to dabble in beauty treatments. Who wouldn’t want to look like Cleopatra? We do!

Before you get into it, you don’t need a lot to be applied to the skin as oils itself is highly concentrated. It’s recommended to use facial oils during the night time before your night moisturiser or cream as it will absorb and rejuvenate your skin better.

Here are the oils recommendations we have on mySMINK according to skin types:

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